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Quick notes:

  • Offerings essentially start at $27 plus shipping for basic CR39 single-vision lenses (assumed 1.5 index) for a total of about $34.
  • Have a price model opposite to most other retailers – in this case frames are often free (or cheap) and lenses are what bring up the cost.
  • Not terribly bifocal/progressive friendly – the only way to find frames compatible with those was through trial-and-error.
  • AR at the high end, running at $22 for the cheap version.
  • A number of designer brand-name frames available.
  • No check-out as guest.
  • Very high price for international shipping.
  • Not listed with the BBB.



MyGlasses is based in the US (New York). Pricing in USD. They sell single-vision and bi-focal/progressive lenses. Methods of contact include a toll free number, email, and mailing address. Payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, and Discover. They are not mentioned by the BBB.



The focus at MyGlasses seems to be on the name-brand designer glasses, though a number of discount frames appear to be available. The site design itself looks quite dated, and is unintuitive in a number of areas. Finding bifocal/progressive-compatible frames can be a chore, frames don’t mention in the listing when they are out of stock, and the vast majority of mouseover popups “block” the area of the screen they cover until you’ve clicked elsewhere.

As mentioned, a focus seems to be on designer frames. They do offer an “under $30″ selection, where the frames come to $0 (free), but the basic lenses for the frames start at $27.

Single-vision lenses start at $27, while Bifocals start at $49, and Progressives start at $59. Photochromic, Polarized, and Fashion Tints are available as options. Adding an AR coating starts at $25 with 3 different possible AR coatings being offered.


Website and Ordering:

The website is a bit dated, and some things are over-simplified. For example, browsing through lenses, your options are listed as “Basic, Good, Better, or Best” rather than “CR39, Polycarbonate, Aspheric Polycarbonate, and 1.67 Index“. To be fair, there are mouse-over popups about the details of each lens, so everyone will get a popup as to what they’re getting anyway as soon as they mouseover. The real issue is that terms like “Good, Better, Best” are relative. Polycarbonate lenses for example should be the BEST for children, but they’re listed under “Good“. Many people may not need/care about a high-index, so even though the 1.67 is listed as “Best“, it may just be thrown away money for people who didn’t really need it.

The other issue is with the pop-ups themselves. They come up instantly, and can easily block the view of other options you’re looking at. There’s also no description for the “Single-Vision” stuff (popups for those refer to Progressives/Multi-focals), and the links provided refer to the allaboutvision.com website. Not particuarly confidence-inspiring that the links point elsewhere, but even worse is that clicking a link also changes the current window, taking you away from the site which means you have to click “back” to get back to the MyGlasses site. Someone who gets interested in the allaboutvision.com site may forget they were even in the middle of putting together an order when they got there. These have been ongoing issues with the MyGlasses site for years.

Ordering is really quite easy. Browsing for frames is reasonable, pictures are crisp/clear, and adding lens options is step-by-step. The cost of each option is clearly displayed, and it’s all selected via option-boxes. Help along the way is plentiful, and one neat feature is that when selecting tint, after you choose a color, a little image comes up showing what a scene might look like under each intensity for that color. All that has become overshadowed with the stagnation of the site though – nearly every other retailer has pushed through constant improvements while the MyGlasses site has remained largely the same as it was years ago.

Note: during the last few attempts to reach the check out page, a notification was displayed in my browser that the security certificate had expired for MyGlasses. Be careful if placing an order and check to ensure you’re receiving a secure connection to the site.


Pricing and Value:

For pricing, you’re looking at basically 2 options for the most part. Either the free frames ($27 for the lenses), or the name-brand designer frames. Stepping up to Polycarbonate only adds $4 to the price which is the cheapest Polycarbonate upgrade out there with the exception of the retailers who offer Polycarbonate on their standard lenses of course. An AR coating is a fair bit higher than usual at $22 though.

As far as value goes, a pair of glasses can be had for under $40 shipped within the US which certainly keeps the glasses in the discount retailer range.

International shipping is ridiculously high ($29.45 to Canada, $45.95 elsewhere) and thus, MyGlasses may not be viable for non-US customers.

FRAMES $0.00 (start at free)
LENSES CR-39 “basic” Polycarbonate “good”  Aspheric Polycarbonate “better”  1.67 Index “best”
Single-Vision distance $27 $33 $59 $89
Single-Vision Photochromic (grey/brown) $65 $109 $139 $189
Single-Vision Polarized (grey/brown/G15) $75 $109 $129 $289
Single-Vision Tinted (10 colors) $39 $47 $67 $97
Bi-Focals $39 $55 $95 $195
Bi-Focals Photochromic (grey/brown) $85 $145 $195
Bi-Focals Polarized (grey/brown/G15) $89 $120 $127
Bi-Focals Tinted (10 colors) $49 $65 $105 $205
Progressives $50 $79 $119 $149
Progressives Photochromic (grey/brown) $99 $159 $219 $239
Progressives Polarized (grey/brown/G15) $159 $189 $254
Progressives Tinted (10 colors) $69 $89 $129 $149
–NOTE: progressives are listed as
“standard”, “thin”, “thinner”, and “thinnest” 
and may not fall into the categories above. Reading & computer glasses appear to cost more.
AR Coating +22
Premium AR Coating +45
Ultimate AR Coating +79
US $6.95
Canada $29.45
International $45.95

Note that the table is updated by hand – if you notice it needs a correction, please contact me.


Click here to visit the MyGlasses website



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