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The following is a purchase review based on my own experience. This experience does not necessarily reflect the experience that others may have when buying glasses from the above retailer. Keep in mind that each purchase review/experience pertains to ONE order. If my experience went well, it is no guarantee that yours will go well. If mine went poorly, there’s no guarantee that yours will go poorly. Purchases may be placed under varying addresses under various names in an effort to keep orders “anonymous” so that orders do not receive “special treatment” above and beyond what a normal customer would receive. Finally, while every effort is made to keep each review unbiased, note that it is subject to my own opinion.


Order Placed – Feb 16, 2006

I placed an order for glasses from SelectSpecs. I ordered the Gladiator 104 frames (unisex, flex arms, all metal) which were $32.90 CDN (~$29.56 USD), with the “Thin & Light” lens option which was available at no extra charge. Lenses include a free AR/UV/scratch coating. After shipping, the total came to $38.06 CDN (~$33.18 USD). Note that they do also carry lower priced glasses which start at around $23.33 USD (plus shipping of course).

The only things I noticed about the ordering process that differ from other places are (1) you can choose your own currency, and (2) The page where you input your address has a Full Address, State/County, Zip/Post Code, and Country section, but no City/Town section, so you have to be sure to include your city in the first part of the address section. Not a huge deal, and the post office will undoubtedly determine your city from your zip/postal code if you forget, but still something to be aware of. Just to be safe, I put my entire address including the city, province, and postal code in the address box, in addition to filling out the other boxes.


Order Shipped – Feb 24, 2006

I received an email with an invoice that at the bottom said “Due for arrival within the next 1-2 days”. I took this to mean that my glasses had shipped, although I’m sure the 1-2 days part is meant for those who live in the UK.


Order Received – March 7, 2006

I received an insert with my mail that said I had a parcel waiting at the post office. Sure enough, it was the glasses.

Pictures (click on any of the thumbnails to open a full size picture in a new window)

SelectSpecs review - March 2006 - packaging SelectSpecs review - March 2006 - packaging 2 SelectSpecs review - March 2006 - overview SelectSpecs review - March 2006 - glasses in case SelectSpecs review - March 2006 - glasses 1 SelectSpecs review - March 2006 - glasses 2
#1 and #2 are the packaging, pretty standard size. The packaging has a bubblewrap interior which is always nice to see. #3 is everything inside the package. Two copies of their pamplet, the actual glasses case and a cardboard cover. #4 is simply the case opened. The glasses were wrapped in bubblewrap, and there was a small micro-fiber cloth included. Finally #5 and #6 are simply a couple pictures of the glasses themselves.


Order Received – March 7, 2006 (continued)

I was pretty impressed with the packaging. First of all, the glasses case seems pretty sturdy and solid. The addition of bubblewrap both as part of the envelope, and wrapped around the glasses adds even more peace of mind.

The glasses themselves seemed pretty good too. Glasses were clean with only a small smudge noticeable towards the side of a lens. The frames needed adjustment, as they looked lop-sided when first put on. The frames seemed a little on the cheaper end, and I was worried they might break when adjusting, but the metal seemed to bend relatively easily, and the adjusting went well. That being said, for anyone not comfortable making the adjustments themselves, I’d suggest going somewhere to get it professionally done. The lenses were very good, and free of defects. The coatings are water-repellant, and the AR coating has a slight green tinge to it. All in all, I’d say the glasses were very good, and aside from the required adjustments to the frame to get it straight, I think just about anyone having received this pair would have been completely satisfied.

Total time between ordering and delivery: 19 days
Time to ship: 8 days
Time in transit (those in the UK will undoubtedly have a shorter ship time): 11 days


Would I buy from SelectSpecs again based on this purchase?

Yes. Pricing is good, packaging was great. Aside from the frames being a little “out of shape”, the rest of the experience was just about perfect.


Would I recommend SelectSpecs to others based on this purchase?

Yes. My only concern would be someone having to adjust the frame and accidently breaking it. Aside from that, the lenses were great, and I don’t forsee anyone receiving a package that was damaged during shipping. As long as no errors are made on the prescription, and the frames survive adjustment, I think just about anyone would be happy with a pair from SelectSpecs.


Click here to visit the SelectSpecs website / Click here to go to the SelectSpecs information page


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